July 22, 2016

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Daily Summary:

Friday, July 22: CABOTS IOP2
Day 5 of CABOTS IOP 2 observations. TOPAZ data were taken from 14:16 to 19:20 PDT after necessary laser maintenance. Mostly clear all day with scattered cirrus (mare's tails) in the morning. Poor visibility all day with the Sierra's barely visible to the south. High of about 37 C with southerly winds in the morning, that rotated to the northwest in the afternoon, with a brief period of northeasterly winds between about 1600 and 1700 PDT. The late start missed the initial growth of the CBL and the inital lidar measurements showed high ozone and aerosol up to about 1000 m with much lower concentrations between 1000 and 2500 m. Higher ozone concentrations (but low aerosol) were detected above 3000 m, developing into a narrow layer with slightly higher ozone concentrations over the next several hours. Ozone from the surface* to about 1000 m peaked between 80 and 90 ppbv near 1700 PDT when the winds shifted to the northeast. Both ozone and aerosol then decreased when the winds returned to the northwest.

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Ozone - July 22
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Aerosol Backscatter
Aerosol Backscatter - July 22
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in situ surface data
in situ surface data - July 22