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June 3, 2017

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Daily Summary:

Saturday, June 3
TOPAZ data were recorded from 9:38 - 19:54 PDT. Very hot with an offical max of 102 F at the NLVA NWS station (42C or 107 F at TOPAZ). Very light southeasterly winds throughout the day with broken cirrus and persistent contrails aloft. Mixing was initially suppressed by another surface inversion, but surface ozone rose rapidly when the RL was entrained between 1200 and 1300 PDT. The monitor in TOPAZ peaked around 80 ppbv at this time, and the hourly mean surface concentration at the Walter Johnson (WJ) monitor hit 78 ppbv. The MDA8 at WJ reached 70.5 ppbv and thus did not quite exceed the standard. The winds at AP remained southerly throughout the day and the mobile van did not see the high ozone measured over the LVV. The ML at NLVA eventually reached 4 to 5 km deep in the afternoon, first entraining cleaner air from between 2 and 4 km agl, and then a thin high ozone (and aerosol) layer of possible Asian origin present around 4.5 km agl, and finally very clean air from above 5 km agl in the late afternoon.

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Ozone - June 3
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Aerosol Backscatter
Aerosol Backscatter - June 3
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in situ surface data
in situ surface data - June 3