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June 2, 2013

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Daily Summary:

June 2. Sunday. Thick Cirrus clouds to the south, some haze in the valley. Strong winds out of the SW advecting the smoke plume from the Powerhouse fire near Lancaster, CA and the Los Angeles urban plume to the Las Vegas area. At around 1400 PDT, arrival of the smoke plume/urban air with dramatic reduction in visibility and abrupt increases in O3, CO, and aerosol backscatter. TOPAZ data were taken from 12:40 until 00:30 PDT. Ozone increased rather quickly from around 60 ppbv to the mid 80s ppbv after 1400 PDT. Ozone peaked at around 90 ppbv from 2000 - 2100 PDT. Ozone was rather uniformly distributed in the lowest 2 km. Around 2200 PDT cleaner air arrived at Angel Peak with ozone dropping to 55 - 60 ppbv in the lowest kilometer, which - after about 30 min - was replaced again with more ozone-rich air. The in situ measurements followed a similar pattern and varied from 58 - 88 ppbv for O3 and 125 - 220 ppbv for CO.
Note: These preliminary data are noisy above 2.5 km AGL and exhibit a low bias in the early afternoon due to the solar background.

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Ozone - June 2

Aerosol Backscatter
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