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June 3, 2013

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Daily Summary:

June 3. Monday. Very hazy everywhere, especially in the valley. Haze caused by Powerhouse fire near Lancaster, CA. Winds light to moderate from the E then switching to SE and strengthening. After about 1600 PDT winds were strong out of the SW. With strong winds and convective mixing, visibilty improved dramatically by early afternoon, although a general haziness remained over the area. Before about 1230 PDT, insitu sensors showed abrupt changes in O3/CO concentrations that were fluctuating between 80/225 ppbv and 50/110 ppbv. In the afternoon, values remained near 50/120 ppbv. TOPAZ data were taken from 1120 - 1815 PDT. The air mass changes that occured around noon are also reflected in the TOPAZ data with fairly strong fluctuations in ozone, both temporally and vertically. Ozone monitors in the valley generally reached their highest readings in the late morning and then dropped down to the 40s and 50s ppbv.
Note: These preliminary data are noisy above 2.5 km AGL and exhibit a low bias around noon and in the early afternoon due to the solar background.

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Ozone - June 3

Aerosol Backscatter
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