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June 8, 2013

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Daily Summary:

June 8. Saturday. TOPAZ laser was repaired and lidar data were taken from 1750 - 2010 PDT. Hazy and very hot in the valley. Light winds from NE to SE, increasing in strength and switching to southerly directions around 1900 PDT. The Las Vegas urban plume was advected to Angel Peak starting around 1500 PDT. In situ O3/CO increased from 46/110 ppbv to 73/135 ppbv by 1800 PDT. The Joe Neal site recorded the highest ozone values in the Las Vegas area and peaked at 74 ppbv between 1700 - 1800 PDT. Around 1900 PDT, the in situ sensors at Angel Peak measured a fairly rapid decrease to 55/117 ppbv. The TOPAZ data indicate that cleaner air descended from aloft.

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Ozone - June 8

Aerosol Backscatter
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