TexAQS 2006 P3 Comparisons

Summary of Excess Urban Fluxes for Dallas and Houston

Derived from Observations
Also: Comparison to Emission inventory (NEI99 version 3, CEMS 2004 update) if available.

Excess above Background Fluxes with comparison to Emission Inventory (by flight)

NOy CO SO2 Ethylene NH3 CH2O
PM2.5 ElemC_pm2.5 Organic_pm2.5 SO4_pm2.5 NH4_pm2.5 NO3_pm2.5

Excess above Background Fluxes for species not in emissions inventory (by flight)

NOx O3 Ox HNO3 PAN Total SO2/SO4

PBL heights (and uncertainties) used in Excess Flux calculations (by flight)

PBL height