Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

Aircraft and Ground-based (including ship and mobile lab) Instruments

Instrument Manufacturer Species Measured Technique Contacts
ACES Airborne Cavity Enhanced Spectrometer Custom CHOCHO, HONO, NO2 Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy Carrie Womack, Mike Robinson, Steve Brown
RONALD Reactive Oxides of Nitrogen Custom NO3, N2O5 Cavity ring-down spectroscopy Steve Brown
ARNOLD Atmospheric Ring-down Nitrogen Oxide Laser Detector Custom NO3, N2O5, NO, NO2, O3 Cavity ring-down spectroscopy Zach Decker, Steve Brown
NOxCaRD Nitrogen Oxides by Cavity Ring Down Custom NO, NO2, NOy, O3 Cavity ring-down spectroscopy Carrie Womack, Zach Decker, Mike Robinson, Steve Brown
BrC-PILS Brown Carbon - Particle-Into-Liquid Sampler Custom Water-soluble organic aerosol absorption and concentration Long-path liquid absorption cell Rebecca Washenfelder
BBCES BroadBand Cavity Enhanced Spectrometer Custom Aerosol extinction and refractive index Cavity enhanced spectroscopy Rebecca Washenfelder, Carrie Womack
iWAS Whole Air Sampler Custom Gas-phase atmospheric sample collection Whole air sampling Jessica Gilman
GC-MS Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry Custom Saturated, unsaturated, and oxygenated hydrocarbons; alkyl nitrates; other volatiles Gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection Jessica Gilman
PTR-ToF-MS Proton-Transfer Reaction high-resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Modified Aerodyne Saturated, unsaturated, and oxygenated hydrocarbons; other volatiles Proton-transfer reaction high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry Matt Coggon, Carsten Warneke
PAN CIMS Custom Peroxyacyl nitrates (PANs) Chemical ionization mass spectrometry Patrick Veres
I- ToF CIMS Iodide ion Time-of-Flight Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer Modified Tofwerk Reactive nitrogen, halogen oxides, others Chemical ionization mass spectrometry Patrick Veres, Andy Neuman
C2H6 Ethane TDL Modified Aerodyne C2H6 Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy Jeff Peischl
CO2 / CH4 Carbon Dioxide and Methane Picarro CO2, CH4 Wavelength-scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy Jeff Peischl
N2O / CO / H2O Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Water Modified Los Gatos N2O, CO, H2O Off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy Jeff Peischl
NOyO3 Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone Custom NO, NO2, NOy, O3 Chemiluminescence Ilann Bourgeois
Mobile Laboratory modified 15-passenger van Location, winds, temperature (T), pressure (P), and up to 5 configurable instrumentation racks various Ken Aikin, Jeff Peischl