TOPDOWN 2014 News & Links

Oil and Gas Info

North Dakota Industrial Commission, Department of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Division

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Mapping System

Four Corners

CIRES Press Release: Scientists probe methane emission mystery in Four Corners region

New Mexico Environment Department: Four Corners Area Current Studies

New Mexico Environment Department: Four Corners Air Quality Group Update on Recent Agency Activities

Satellite products from NOAA/NGDC showing flares

KML files and images of flares for ND

Weather and Meteorology

NOAA ESRL CSD Meteorological Products - GOES and radar images

NWS Graphical Forecasts - Northern Plains (winds)

NOAA Aviation Weather - METARs
Replace DDDD with 4 letter station abbreviation. Use to get METARs for any station (i.e. KISN).

ICARTT Data Format info

Information about ICARTT files

HYSPLIT Trajectory Model Instructions

  1. GO TO:
  2. Click on "Compute forecast trajectories"
  3. Number of trajectory starting locations: 1
  4. Type of trajectory: Matrix
  5. NEXT>>
  6. Meteorology: NAM CONUS
  7. Lower left: 47.5N, 104W
  8. Upper right: 48.5N, 102W
  9. First grid point NE of lower left point: 47.75N, 103.5W
  10. NEXT>>
  11. Select Meteorological Forecast Cycle: (select most recent)
  12. NEXT>>
  13. Trajectory direction: Select backward
  14. Start time (UTC): Select day 21 hours (4 pm)
  15. Total run time (hours): 5 hours
  16. Level 1 height: 1000 magl
  17. GIS output of contours? Google Earth (kmz)
  18. Zoom Factor: 200