AEROMMA Meetings


27-29 September 2022, Boulder, CO
Tentative Agenda

The AGES workshop will bring together researchers and stakeholders from all of the different field activities occuring during the summer of 2023 including AEROMMA+CUPiDS, GOTHAAM, EPCAPE, and STAQS to discuss science goals, planning, and coordination. The objective of the AGES workshop is to increase collaborations both logistically and scientifically between participants from all of the campaigns, between researchers and environmental managers/stakeholder, and between researchers collecting the measurements and those using the measurements for model and/or satellite evaluation. The AGES workshop will be a hybrid meeting, held at the Sustainability, Energy, and Environmental Community (SEEC) building at the University of Colorado Boulder. Most attendees will be encouraged to attend in person, but there will also be a limited virtual component.

More information, including how to register, forthcoming.