ICARTT Analysis Products

This resource is provided to interpret transport processes occurring during ICARTT. It attempts to replace trajectory calculations - the major tool used so far for that purpose - with quantiative dispersion model runs including full turbulence and convection parameterizations. The plots shown are from both forward and backward model runs using the FLEXPART model. Results from the forward model runs can be plotted using an interactive tool, whereas backward runs are accessible via the links provided below. Refer to the description of products derived from backward runs for more information. Backward model results have been produced using two independent meteorological analysis data sets, which can be compared directly. Also included is the daily inventory of biomass burning CO emissions used for the model runs.

For using trajectories, classical forward and backward trajectories from along the flights are provided as zipped data files. Meteorological parameters are available along the trajectories.

Please direct all questions on these modelling products to Andreas Stohl.

Identification of Lagrangian cases

Candidates for Lagrangian cases were identified using particle trajectory output from FLEXPART. A description of the method and Lagrangian cases list for figures plus data are available.

Forward modeling products

Produce plots using ECMWF input data with the interactive tool, from the following forward tracer model runs: North American, European, Asian CO tracers, and a biomass burning tracer.

Backward modeling products

NOAA P3 flights

NASA DC8 flights

DLR Falcon flights

UK Bae-146 flights

COBRA King Air flights

J31 vertical profiles

R/V Ronald H. Brown cruise

Surface stations

Lidar vertical profiles

MOZAIC flights

O3 sondes