Awards / Memberships

NOAA Distinguished Career Award for excellence in managing and providing scientific vision for NOAA's atmospheric research programs, and in leading international science and assessment   2015

Hinshelwood Lecturer, Oxford University UK   2010
Morino Lecturer, Japan   2009
Welch Lecturer    2009
Centenary Lecturer, Indian Institute of Science   2008
Fellow, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry    2008
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry    2005
Chancellor Lecturer, Louisiana State University   2005
American Chemical Society's award on Creative Advances in Environmental Sciences    2005
US meritorious Award for a senior professional   2004
Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) Centenary Lecturer   2003
Crawford Lecture, University of Minnesota   2003
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science   2001
Elected to US National Academy of Sciences   2000
Robertson Memorial Lecturer, US National Academy of Sciences   1999
Polanyi Medal of Royal Society of Britain (Gas Kinetics Div.)   1998
Fellow, American Geophysical Union   1997
US EPA, Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award   1996
US Dept. of Commerce, Silver Medal   1995