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  • Banerjee, A., A.H. Butler, L.M. Polvani, A. Robock, I.R. Simpson, L. Sun, Robust winter warming over Eurasia under stratospheric sulfate geoengineering- the role of stratospheric dynamics, submitted to ACP, 2020.
  • Breeden, M., A.H. Butler, J.R. Albers, M. Sprenger, and A.O. Langford, The spring transition of the North Pacific jet and its relation to deep stratosphere-to-troposphere mass transport over western North America, submitted to ACP, 2020.
  • Lim, E.-P., H. H. Hendon, A.H. Butler, D.W.J. Thompson, Z. Lawrence, A.A. Scaife, T.G. Shepherd, I. Polichtchouk, H. Nakamura, C. Kobayashi, R. Comer, L. Coy, A. Dowdy, R.D. Garreaud, P.A. Newman, and G. Wang, The 2019 Southern Hemisphere polar stratospheric warming and its impacts, submitted to BAMS, 2020.

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