Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer L. Fox
114 Crisman Rd.
Boulder, CO

Twenty years experience designing, installing and maintaining a variety of networking environments including UNIX (Solaris, HP/UX, IRIX, RHEL and Fedora), Windows XP and Macintosh. Demonstrated ability to integrate and support diverse platforms including HP, SUN (Solaris), SGI, LINUX, Macintosh OS, Windows NT/95/98 and DOS.  Skilled with the configuration and maintenance of network security procedures, SMTP, Sendmail, DNS, Web servers and secure Apache configuration, backup systems, and network hardware. Proficiency with shell scripting, PERL, HTML and networking protocols including TCP/IP, SMB and AFP. Accustomed to difficult, fast-paced environments where deadlines are a priority and creative problem solving is required, as well as close interaction with customers and co-workers. 

Masters of Science, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
May, 2007
Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
December, 1996/3.6 GPA.
Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Language/Literature, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
December, 1996/3.6 GPA.

    SANS Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling, GIAC Certified Incident Handler (10/07)
    Juniper Networks Implementing Netscreen Security Gateways, 2006
    GIAC Secure Internet Presence, GIAC Certified Secure Internet Presence (11/05)
    SANS Secure Internet Presence, (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), 2005
    SANS Web Application Security Workshop, 2005
    RedHat Apache and Secure Web Server Administration 2005

Unix Systems Administrator, NOAA Chemical Sciences Division, Earth Systems Research Laboratory, 1/03 to present
Designed, configured and maintained the web server architecture. Worked closely with the web designer to ensure the security of the site is maintained while allowing appropriate access to data. Worked closely with scientists to develop appropriate data distribution capabilities. Assisted the web developers with application development and scripting errors. Conducted code reviews for security purposes.

Developed, implemented and documented security procedures for installation and maintenance of Solaris and RedHat Enterprise Linux servers and desktops. Wrote perl and shell scripts to ease system administration tasks.

Developed and implemented the transition plan from an outdated backup scheme to an integrated system for the entire laboratory.

Deployed to field sites to setup data acquisition servers.
Worked with the Tropical Dynamics and Climate group to perform data analysis using wavelet methods on atmospheric phenomena for Masters Degree requirements.

Network Administrator, Raytheon Polar Services, 12/97 to 3/02
Worked on a contractual basis for Raytheon Polar Services (formerly Antarctic Support Associates) to provide computer and network support to the science research personnel and the station support personnel at various Antarctic research stations. Contract length varied between 3 months for vessel work up to 13 months to support South Pole Station. Each station required different skills, as described below:
Research Vessel/Ice Breaker Nathaniel B. Palmer, Antarctic region:
Administered SGI and LINUX servers in a full multi-platform networking environment. Supported SGI, SUN, Macintosh and Intel-based clients running Windows 95 and 98. Responsible for the design and implementation of a Solaris application server. Maintained and supported all data-acquisition systems, and performed data analysis tasks. Maintained a layered networking system including support for routers and switches. Ensured that satellite connectivity via INMARSAT was maintained. Provided technical support to all shipboard personnel, including assistance with hardware, application and network questions. Recommended hardware and software upgrades and network structure changes to improve operations. Wrote shell and PERL scripts to facilitate system administration and to meet individual needs of the scientists. Responsible for backups of all file systems, creation of data tapes for distribution to the science party, and all other data support functions.
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica:
As the only on-site system administrator, I was responsible for all network support for a multi-platform network that utilized three separate satellites for all internet and telephone access. Redesigned the current network to provide improved cross-platform access for all users, redundancy of services for improved network stability, and increased security. Configured and managed routers, switches and hubs. Diagnosed and corrected network problems, and provided assistance as necessary to the Communications Technician with satellite systems.  Installed, configured, and managed DNS, Sendmail, SAMBA, netatalk, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS 2.0 as well as rebuilding all NT servers for increased security and efficiency.  Implemented many security measures, including SSH, network monitoring using MRTG (Multi-Router Traffic Grapher), SARA (Security Auditor's Research Assistant) and centralized logging. Provided technical support to all station personnel, including assistance with hardware, application and network questions. Wrote shell (Bourne, CSH) and PERL scripts to facilitate system administration and manage web sites. Designed and implemented backup systems for all network systems, utilizing AMANDA (Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) for all unix-based machines and Veritas Backup Exec for NT servers.
Crary Science and Engineering Center, McMurdo Research Station, Antarctica:
Purchased all computer related equipment for the Crary Laboratory for the 98/99 season. Worked closely with the unix administrator to design and implement a cross-platform networking environment which integrated UNIX, Macintosh OS and Intel-based systems for 200+ users. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of all user accounts.  Installed, setup, and maintained network equipment within Crary and for remote field camps. Provided full user support and assistance to the science community as well as technical support and advice to the computer technicians. Coordinated with the network engineer to modify and upgrade the network structure of the laboratory.  Established procedures for maintaining a web-based equipment inventory.

Unix System Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Aeronomy Laboratory, Boulder, CO 5/01 -11/01
Contracted for 6 months to restructure the unix environment of the Aeronomy Laboratory and train the Computing and Networking Resources staff on security detection and prevention systems. Designed and implemented a network security strategy for the unix machines in the Laboratory. Established a comprehensive monitoring and logging system. Wrote automated installation, update and other scripts in Perl and Bourne shell as necessary to simplify and enhance administration of the unix environment. Worked closely with users and administrators to preserve the appearance of the current environment while implementing security controls and administrative changes. Full documentation detailing all aspects of the installation process, procedures, and security concepts for all of the unix systems was written in HTML for Laboratory reference.

Backup and Recovery Specialist, Computer Task Group, 2/01 to 5/01
Contracted to IBM for support of Lucent and Avaya data centers.
Set up and monitored backups of over 7000 servers and databases over 6 locations around the country using Omniback II on HP/UX 11.0 machines. Every backup failure had to be researched and corrected within a 4-hour timeframe, which required close coordination with other team members and database analysts, as each database cost the customer over one million dollars an hour if it were to go down. Wrote perl and shell scripts to facilitate monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting. Attended a Veritas Netbackup class and assisted in the transition to Veritas Netbackup. As part of the backup team, 24/7 service was required and every team member was on-call every few weeks. 

Computer Technician, Antarctic Support Associates, Antarctica  10/97 - 12/97
Crary Science and Engineering Center, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Setup and configuration of hardware and software for computers in the Crary Laboratory, including Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh. Performed troubleshooting and routine maintenance, as well as full system rebuilds.  Assisted scientific community with computer related issues such as network connectivity, file transfers, graphic and printing support, and email support. Assigned and maintained IP addresses in a static IP environment with several subnets. 

Assistant Network Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Aeronomy Laboratory, Boulder, CO  11/94 - 9/97
Supported a multi-platform network, including Macintosh, Unix and Windows/DOS operating systems. Knowledge of EtherNet, AppleTalk, TCP/IP, Novell/IPX networking  devices, including routers, bridges, switches, hubs. Maintained computer hardware and software, including consultation and service for Macintosh and DOS/Windows operating systems. Demonstrated proficiency with  Mac OS, Windows 95, Mac and PC system setup, fundamental Unix, Mathematica, Code Warrior, WordPerfect (PC/Macintosh), MS Word (PC/Macintosh), Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel,  AddressBook Plus, Expressionist, EndNote Plus, MacLink Plus Translators, Apple Remote Access.

Earned placement on the CU College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean's List
Spent one year abroad in Spain, fluent in Spanish
Past Secretary/Treasurer of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians
Member of Tau Beta Pi