Paul Schroeder


Atmospheric Remote Sensing


NRC Postdoc

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Ph.D.-Mechanical Engineering
Dissertation Title: Dual Comb Spectroscopy of High Temperature Environments
Dissertation Adviser: Dr. Gregory Rieker
University of Colorado Boulder

Masters-Mechanical Engineering
MEMS-based micro cryogenic cooler
Adviser: Dr. Y.C. Lee
University of Colorado Boulder

Analysis of pyrolyzed carbon particles via Mie scattering
Adviser: Dr. Fletcher Miller
San Diego State University


My research interests focus on advanced laser-based instrumentation development and improvement to enable measurements of either previously unstudied phenomena or improve access to difficult to measure environments. I am interested in bringing advanced light sources and optical and measurement techniques to bear on applied systems outside of research laboratories.

Current Topics

I am currently working with Alan Brewer's group to further miniaturized and improve the MicroDop (Doppler lidar) instrument. We are pushing to improve its optical efficiency as well as make it more robust and portable.

Upon completion, we will deploy the instrument to the Firewinds field campaign in Tallahassee, Florida. We will measure both up and down wind velocity fields nearby a controlled burn wildfire. The data will then be utilized to hopefully improve computation wildfire propagation models.

We will also be deploying the new instrument along side a W-band radar system in the PISTON ship-based deployment to enable measurement of wind fields up to the cloud base.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

last modified: August 29, 2019