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The Nation is committed to the goal of clean air.

The Congress has articulated, through the Clean Air Act (CAA) and its Amendments, national air quality goals, including ambient air quality standards for the protection of human health and welfare. The Nation has invested substantial resources in reducing air pollution and will continue to invest tens of billions of dollars annually to meet its clean air goals. While the Nation's commitment to better air quality is clear and unequivocal, the best means of attaining it are far less clear. Public debate often highlights the difficult issues associated with managing the Nation's air quality. What is "acceptable air quality"? How sure of the linkage between emissions and effects must we be before we act? Can we demonstrate the benefits that accrue from our investment in reducing emissions?

Seminars and Discussion Goals

Strategic Action Plan

The breadth and complexity of air quality issues necessitate a strategic approach to the development of truly complementary and collaborative efforts among air quality researchers. The main elements of this plan are as follows:

Focus Issues

Seminars and Discussion are currently focused on the following areas:

Clearly, many of the phenomena associated with these issues are interrelated. For example, wildland fires can enhance levels of particulate matter.

The Air Quality Research Seminars and Discussion (AQRSD) group was formed upon expiration of the former Air Quality Research Subcommittee (AQRS) charter 21 April 2018.

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