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Atmospheric Observations: Helping Build the Scientific Basis for Decisions Related to Airborne Particulate Matter PDF file

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. PM Measurements Workshop
  2. PM Monitoring Needs Related to Health Effects
    1. Introduction
    2. Key PM Components/Characteristics for Measurement
    3. Criteria for Selecting Monitored Airsheds
    4. Frequency and Duration of Measurements
  3. Measurement Needs for Personal Exposure Assessment
    1. Introduction
    2. Utility of Supersites for Exposure Assessment
    3. Air Pollution Parameters
    4. Selection of the Sampling Locations
    5. Monitoring Strategy
    6. Frequency and Duration of Measurements
  4. Designing Atmospheric Experiments to Enable Estimation of Source-Receptor Relationships for Fine Particles
    1. Background
    2. Major Science Questions
    3. Experiment Design: Duration, Frequency, Observables, and Location
    4. Resource Allocation Planning
  5. Introducing "Accountability" in the Management of PM2.5 Air Quality
    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Components of an "Accountable" PM2.5 Air Quality Management System
    3. The PM2.5 Attainment Demonstration Process: A New Approach
    4. Implications for the Measurement System
    5. Targets of Opportunity to Demonstrate PM2.5 Accountability
  6. Development and Evaluation of PM Measurement Methods
    1. Introduction
    2. Context for Providing Valid Method Comparisons
    3. Current Measurement Gaps
    4. What Measurements, Where, and When
  7. Toward an Integrated Particulate Matter Research Measurement Program
    1. Guiding Principles for the Program
    2. The Answers to the Questions - Common Needs for Information
    3. An Overall Near-Term Strategy for PM Measurements Research
    4. Other Challenges That Lie Ahead
  8. References

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