DISCOVER-AQ Houston 2013 TOPAZ Data

September 6, 2013

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Daily Summary:

September 6. Friday.
TOPAZ data were collected from about 0830 to 1930 CDT, bracketing the NASA P-3 and King Air flights and also overlapping with the NASA DC-8 pass over the Houston Ship Channel at the end of the flight. Mostly cloudy in the morning with rain showers and thunderstorms in the vicinity, partly cloudy in the afternoon. A light rain shower around 1300 CDT forced an interruption of the lidar operation for about 20 minutes. Boundary layer winds rotated from NE to SE during the day with easterly winds aloft. Low and well mixed O3 throughout the day, except for very low O3 near the surface due to titration and a layer of slightly enhanced O3 aloft observed during the first hour of measurements. O3 increased to the 40s ppbv by midday and then decreased in the afternoon with the arrival of the sea breeze.

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Ozone - September 6
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Aerosol Backscatter
Aerosol Backscatter - September 6
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