Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014

Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer: 2014 Update

2014 Ozone Assessment Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer: 2014 Update cover
Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer: 2014 Update


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  1. Ozone in our atmosphere
    1. What is ozone and where is it in the atmosphere?
      Figure Q1-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q1-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    2. How is ozone formed in the atmosphere?
      Figure Q2-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    3. Why do we care about atmospheric ozone?
      Figure Q3-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    4. How is total ozone uniform over the globe?
      Figure Q4-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    5. How is ozone measured in the atmosphere?
      Figure Q5-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
  2. The ozone depletion process
    1. How do emissions of halogen source gases lead to stratospheric ozone depletion?
      Figure Q6-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    2. What emissions from human activities lead to ozone depletion?
      Figure Q7-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    3. What are the reactive halogen gases that destroy stratospheric ozone?
      Figure Q8-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q8-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q8-3 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    4. What are the chlorine and bromine reactions that destroy stratospheric ozone?
      Figure Q9-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q9-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    5. Why has an "ozone hole" appeared over Antarctica when ozone-depleting substances
       are present throughout the stratosphere?

      Figure Q10-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q10-2 [tif] [high resolution jpg]
  3. Stratospheric ozone depletion
    1. How severe is the depletion of the Antarctic ozone layer?
      Figure Q11-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q11-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q11-3 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q11-4 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    2. Is there depletion of the Arctic ozone layer?
      Figure Q12-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q12-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q12-3 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    3. How large is the depletion of the global ozone layer?
      Figure Q13-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    4. Do changes in the Sun and volcanic eruptions affect the ozone layer?
      Figure Q14-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
  4. Controlling ozone-depleting substances
    1. Are there controls on the production of ozone-depleting substances?
      Figure Q15-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    2. Has the Montreal Protocol been successful in reducing ozone-depleting substances
       in the atmosphere?

      Figure Q16-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
  5. Implications of ozone depletion and the Montreal Protocol
    1. Does depletion of the ozone layer increase ground-level ultraviolet radiation? <
      Figure Q17-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q17-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]/li>
    2. Is depletion of the ozone layer the principal cause of climate change?
      Figure Q18-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q18-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q18-3 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
    3. Have reductions of ozone-depleting substances under the Montreal Protocol
       also protected Earth's climate?

      Figure Q19-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q19-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
  6. Stratospheric ozone in the future
    1. How is ozone expected to change in the coming decades?
      Figure Q20-1 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q20-2 [eps] [high resolution jpg]
      Figure Q20-3 [eps] [high resolution jpg]

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