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About Our Name Change

6 April 2020

Chemical Sciences Division is now Chemical Sciences Laboratory; 
	Global Monitoring Division is now Global Monitoring Laboratory; Global Systems Division is now Global Systems Laboratory;
	Physical Sciences Division is now Physical Sciences Laboratory

NOAA is designating the four divisions of the Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder as full laboratories within the NOAA Oceanic and Atmospheric Research line office to meet recent shifts in mission-essential priorities.

The four laboratories, the Chemical Sciences Laboratory, Global Monitoring Laboratory, Global Systems Laboratory, and the Physical Sciences Laboratory will retain their core research missions, and will continue to collaborate closely with each other and other NOAA Research laboratories to improve understanding and ability to predict changes in Earth’s atmosphere, climate and weather.

Please Note: Until updates are completed, some of our web pages and materials may still refer to the previous division name (CSD/GMD/GSD/PSD). It may also be appropriate in some instances (such as historical references) to retain the division designation. We appreciate your patience during this transition.