August 3, 2014

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Daily Summary:

Sunday, August 03: DiscoverAQ/FRAPPE Fly-Day
Day 19 of DiscoverAQ/FRAPPE. NASA P3, B200, Falcon, and NCAR C130 flying. Clear and sunny with high thin cirrus that increased through the day. Convective clouds over the mountains in the afternoon. The P3 did an extra spiral over the BAO and there were several C130 overpasses. TOPAZ data were collected from 0714 to 2044 MDT. Ozone mixing ratios ranged from about 45 ppbv near the surface in the morning to around 80 ppbv in the afternoon. Near surface ozone fluctuated quite a bit the last few hours.

Note: Data are preliminary. Potential biases near clouds have not yet been fully corrected.

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Ozone - August 3
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Aerosol Backscatter
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