August 12, 2014

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Daily Summary:

Tuesday, August 12: FRAPPE Fly-Day, O3 Flux
Day 28 of FRAPPE. C130 flying, O3 flux measurements. Mostly clear and hazy, some convection over mountains. TOPAZ data were collected from 1126 to 2021 MDT. Ozone mixing ratios ranged from about 50 to 70 ppbv. In the evening, ozone levels dropped into the low 40s ppbv close to the surface. TOPAZ was pointed vertically from 1200 to 1645 MDT for eddy-correlation O3 flux measurements together with the zenith-looking UMBC Leosphere 200S Doppler wind lidar. In situ O3 flux obs were conducted at the tower with the PISA hut parked at 260 m AGL (10 m above 250-m boom w/sonics).

Note: Data are preliminary. Potential biases near clouds have not yet been fully corrected.

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Ozone - August 12
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Aerosol Backscatter
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