August 18, 2014

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Daily Summary:

Monday, August 18: FRAPPE Fly-Day
Day 34 and last day of FRAPPE. C130 concluded flights with a double header. Partly cloudy. A potent line of tstorms developed north of Fort Collins around midday and moved to the ESE. Another batch of tstorms sprouted SW of Denver in the early afternoon. Outflows from these areas of tstorms propagated to the S and NE, respectively. TOPAZ data were collected from 0914 to 1804 MDT. Ozone mixing ratios increased from around 40 ppbv near the surface in the morning to 90 ppbv at 1600 MDT, then dropped abruptly to around 50 ppbv. These lower O3 values extended to about 1 km AGL, while ozone levels of 70-85 ppbv remained at higher altitudes. The sharp drop of O3 mixing ratios in the lowest kilometer was associated with the passage of the outflow boundary from the Denver tstorms. As the boundary passed through, winds shifted from E to SW and increased in speed, and the air temperature dropped by several degree C.

Note: Data are preliminary. Potential biases near clouds have not yet been fully corrected.

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Ozone - August 18
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Aerosol Backscatter
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