Pre-CalNex TOPAZ Lidar data

July 13 - Preliminary Data

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Flight #2 (Monday): San Joaquin Valley

Flight level: 12500' & 16500', Takeoff: 16:15 PST, Duration: 4:15 h

We flew a box pattern over the San Joaquin Valley, with two SW-NE legs over the valley and roughly N-S oriented legs over the Sierra Nevada and the Coastal Range. We flew the exact same box pattern twice. We measured high ozone levels of up to 125 ppb on the east side of the San Joaquin Valley and along the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Another persistent feature we observed was a layer with very low ozone values at about 2500 m ASL.

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Ozone Cross-section
Ozone cross-section - July 13
Aerosol Cross-section
Aerosol cross-section - July 13
Ozone Map
Ozone map - July 13