Pre-CalNex TOPAZ Lidar data

July 20 - Preliminary Data

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Flight #6 (Monday): Transit flight from Ontario to Boulder

Flight level: 15000', 16500' & 17000', Takeoff: 10:35 PST, Duration: 8:35 h (incl. refueling stop)

The original plan was to fly back to Boulder via Las Vegas, Navajo and Four Corners power plants. However, due to severe thunderstorms in southern Nevada and northern Arizona we changed plan and aimed at flying to Farmington, NM via Phoenix. The transect across Phoenix happened to occur right at the time of the OMI satellite overpass, so this may provide an opportunity for comparison of AMAX NO2 measurements with OMI data. We had to abandon our attempt to fly to Farmington because of strong thunderstorms blocking our way and we returned to Phoenix, where we refueled. From there we flew straight back to Boulder. Thunderstorms and clouds prevented us from investigating the Four Corners and San Juan power plants near Farmington, NM.

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Ozone Cross-section
Ozone cross-section - July 20
Aerosol Cross-section
Aerosol cross-section - July 20
Ozone Map
Ozone map - July 20