Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 1994

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The 1994 WMO/UNEP assessment, Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 1994, contains the understanding of ozone depletion and reflects the thinking of 295 international scientific experts who contributed to its preparation and review. Co-chairs of the 1994 assessment were Dr. Daniel L. Albritton of CSD (formerly the Aeronomy Laboratory), Dr. Robert T. Watson of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Dr. Piet J. Aucamp of the Department of National Health in South Africa. Other members of the Aeronomy Laboratory made substantial contributions to the report, serving as lead authors, co-authors, contributors, reviewers, coordinating editor, and editorial support staff.

This Ozone Assessment includes three major sections – the Executive Summary, 13 detailed chapters in five parts, and Common Questions About Ozone (a special section):

Part 1. Observed Changes in Ozone and Source Gases
Chapter 1. Total and Vertical-Column Ozone (Lead Author: Neil R.P. Harris)
Chapter 2. Source Gases (Lead Author: Eugenio Sanhueza)
Part 2. Atmospheric Processes Responsible for the Observed Changes in Ozone
Chapter 3. Polar Ozone (Lead Author: David W. Fahey)
Chapter 4. Tropical and Midlatitude Stratosphere (Lead Author: Roderic L. Jones)
Chapter 5. Tropospheric Ozone (Lead Authors: Andreas Volz-Thomas and Brian A. Ridley)
Part 3. Model Simulations of Global Ozone
Chapter 6. Stratospheric Ozone (Lead Author: Malcolm K.W. Ko)
Chapter 7. Tropospheric Ozone (Lead Author: Frode Stordal)
Part 4. Consequences of Ozone Change
Chapter 8. Radiative Forcing (Lead Author: Keith P. Shine)
Chapter 9. Surface Ultraviolet Radiation (Lead Author: Richard McKenzie)
Part 5. Scientific Information for Future Decisions
Chapter 10. Methyl Bromide (Lead Author: Stuart A. Penkett)
Chapter 11. Subsonic and Supersonic Aircraft Emissions (Lead Authors: Andreas Wahner and Marvin A. Geller)
Chapter 12. Substitutes for the Long-Lived Halocarbons and Their Degradation Products (Lead Author: R.A. Cox)
Chapter 13. Ozone Depletion Potentials, Global Warming Potentials, and Future Chlorine/Bromine Loading (Lead Authors: Susan Solomon and Donald Wuebbles)
Common Questions About Ozone (Coordinators: Susan Solomon and F. Sherwood Rowland)

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary gives a synopsis of major scientific findings of the 13 chapters of the full assessment. This portion includes:

Common Questions About Ozone

The international scientific community included this new section in their 1994 assessment. In it, they answer several of the general questions that are most commonly asked by students, the general public, and leaders in industry and government. After a general introduction about ozone, the questions addressed are: