B2SAP Locations

Proposed launch sites, frequency of measurements, number of payloads annually (48 - 64 total):

Sodankylä, Finland (or Barrow, Alaska)67 °N (or 78 °N)Seasonally4-6planned additions
Boulder, Colorado40 °NBi-monthly24active
Hilo, Hawaii20 °NSeasonally4-6active
San Jose, Costa Rica (or Guam)10 °N (or 14 °N)Seasonally4planned additions
Quito, EcuadorSeasonally4-6planned additions
American Samoa14 °SSeasonally4planned additions
La Réunion21 °SSeasonally4-6IOP; planned additions
Lauder, New Zealand45 °SMonthly6-12active
McMurdo Station / Scott Base, Antarctica78 °SSeasonally2-4planned additions