FireLab 2016 Photos & Video

FIREX FireLab group photo
FIREX FireLab 2016 intensive participants. USDA Fire Sciences Lab, Missoula, MT, October 2016
Flickr: FIREX for more photos by Henry Worobec, UM Missoula

USDA Fire Sciences Lab

Albums: | Instrument installation and setup | First Burn 4 Oct | 12 Oct Manzanita Burn | 14 Oct Burns | Operations |

Photos credits: Photographer listed with photo, Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment (FIREX) FireLab 2016.

Video: View/Download available video from each burn (mp4): or

CSD's Jim Roberts shares the importance of wildfire emission studies during setup at the Fire Sciences Lab in Missoula, MT. Video: Henry Worobec, UM Missoula