Tropospheric Chemistry: Measurements

Tropospheric chemical research relies on measurements of the chemical and physical processes of the troposphere, particularly the effects of pollution on those processes. These measurements are obtained from mobile and ground-based platforms during coordinated field projects including SONGNEX 2015, SENEX 2013, CalNex 2010, ARCPAC 2008, ICEALOT 2008, TexAQS 2006, ICARTT: NEAQS-ITCT 2004, ITCT 2002, NEAQS 2002, TexAQS 2000, and SOS 1999. In addition, we also have information about field projects before 1999.

Climate and Air Quality

Our field experiments have been designed to address components of these major topics by making measurements of chemical species, aerosol size and composition, as well as solar radiation using an extensive suite of instruments. These measurements are made by scientists from CSD research groups and our collaborators at other institutions. Data from all of our major field campaigns is available here.

Please note that data access may require authentication and adhere to our Data Policy. Resources for investigators include ICARTT Data Format information and Data (Igor) Tools (authentication required). Use the faceted datasets search tool to search data across all major projects. Provided for convenience are also datasets for modellers.

Field projects since 1999 are identified below. Mouse over a project for general information, or select a project for detailed information and data. Alternatively, view a table of field missions.

Field Missions