2011-2014 Platteville O3

When May 2011 - August 2014

Where Platteville, CO

How Teco ozone monitor at ground site

Who Eric Williams is the investigator for this project.

Due to the closure of the field site, the ozone monitor at Platteville shut down 29 August 2014.

A Teco ozone monitor began operating in Platteville, Colorado on 26 May 2011. Data obtained from this ozone monitor are available. Beginning 23 April 23 2012, meteorological data are also available.

Meteorological data are measured at one second intervals and averaged to one minute by a Campbell CR10 datalogger. Wind speed and direction are measured by an R.M. Young prop-vane anemometer; temperature and relative humidity are measured by a Vaisala combination probe; pressure is measured with a Vaisala capacitance barometer; and radiation (uncalibrated) is measured by a LiCor LI200X pyranometer.

The photo to the right shows the tower where the inlet for the Teco is located. The site photos show a more detailed view of the inlet as well as views from the top of the tower.