Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) 2008


Photo: J. Peischl, NOAA / CIRES

WhatThe Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) 2008 project is a short-term informal, collaborative study linking air quality and climate goals in an urban area in the proximity of complex terrain. This project temporarily enhances NOAA Carbon Cycle long-term measurements with an additional suite of anthropogenic pollution measurements. This study overlaps with test flights of remote sensing instrumentation on the NOAA Twin Otter in the Colorado Front Range region, and coordinates with NCAR for BEACHON - Southern Rocky Mountains Summer 2008 Study.

When Summer 2008

Where Erie, CO 40.0500°N, 105.0039°W

HowA ground-based sampling site located at the base of the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory, a continuously instrumented tall tower operated by NOAA ESRL researchers.

WhoParticipating investigators are from several NOAA ESRL divisions: