Boulder Atmospheric Observatory 2008 CSD Remote Sensing Twin Otter Instrumentation

A series of test flights of the NOAA Twin Otter originating from Rocky Mountain Metro Airport, Broomfield, will be carried out during summer 2008. Instruments developed by the CSD Atmospheric Remote Sensing Group will be tested during these flights.

Operational area: Front Range plains and mountains, Summit and Grand Counties
Flight altitude: ~ 16,000 ft
Flight hours: ~ 40 , 8 - 10 flights
Contact: Christoph Senff 303-497-6283
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Measurement Instrument Approximate Deployment Period
Ozone (O3) vertical profiles TOPAZ (Tunable Optical Profiler for Aerosols and oZone) lidar July 15 - 31
Vertical profiles of vertical winds HRDL (High Resolution Doppler Lidar) August 1 - 8