SENEX 2013

Southeast Nexus

Studying the Interactions Between Natural and Anthropogenic Emissions at the Nexus of Climate Change and Air Quality

Where: Southeast U.S.

When: Summer 2013

What: The focus of NOAA's field study includes GFDL modeling and ESRL CSD measurements using the NOAA WP-3D aircraft to sample air masses that contain a different mixture of emissions (urban, power plant, forest), to follow these air masses as they are transported and chemically transformed in the atmosphere, and to measure the vertical distribution of trace gases and aerosol in the atmosphere.

Who: Investigators in this project include researchers from several universities, industries, and governmental agencies. Participating institutions include the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences with the University of Colorado at Boulder.

mountains at sunset
aerosol extinction in spring across the globe simulated by GFDL model NOAA WP-3D aircraft