WP-3D Effective Policies & Procedures

NOAA Aviation Safety Policy Handbook

  • Section 8 lists the training requirements for Operations over land for both NOAA and non-NOAA personnel. The three specified courses are available online through NOAA E-Learning.
  • For flights over water, both NOAA and non-NOAA personnel who have not completed the water survival training (due every 5 years) would be limited to 3 flights in an Observer status.

NOAA AOC policies apply to all visitors

Procedures for MacDill AFB

Network access for MacDill AFB

Members of SENEX will need to fill out, sign, scan and email these forms back to Sean McMillan at AOC in order to use and attach computers to noaa2306 network. This includes scientific computers that are going to attach to the network on the aircraft.

Please name the forms following this convention:

Printing documents while visiting MacDill AFB

There is a networked printer available for scientists during integration.