Tropospheric Chemistry

The Tropospheric Chemistry program conducts observations to understand the emissions and atmospheric processes that influence air quality and climate. Scientists in this program build, characterize and deploy state-of-the-art instruments to measure atmospheric gas and aerosol species from ultra-trace levels in the remote atmosphere to extremely high concentrations found at emission sources. Measurements utilize various platforms such as aircraft, ships, towers, mobile laboratories, drones and ground sites to sample at all scales, from local to global. The program collaborates and partners with local, state and federal agencies, industries, academic institutions and the international community to provide timely, reliable, mission-driven scientific results.

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Research Highlight: The discovery of a novel sulfur compound during a historic airborne research mission will likely spur a scientific reassessment of a fundamental marine chemical cycle which drives the formation of oceanic clouds that play a key role in moderating climate. Learn More Photo: Sam Hall, NCAR