Boulder Atmospheric Observatory 2008 Ongoing GMD Instrumentation

Measurement Period: ongoing, continuous
Contact: Arlyn Andrews, 303-497-6773
FTP Data Download:
CO and CO2 data
O3 data
Meteorological data

Measurement Sampling Height Averaging/Sampling Frequency Investigator
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 22, 100, 300 m 15 min. Arlyn Andrews
Carbon monoxide (CO) 22, 100, 300 m 15 min. Arlyn Andrews
Met. data 10, 100, 300 m 1min. Arlyn Andrews, Dan Wolfe
Ozone (O3) 0, 300 m 1 min. Sam Oltmans
PFP flasks* 300 m about 12 flasks/week various groups

*PFP flasks are collected at tower and analyzed for numerous compounds by 3 groups:

  1. GMD Carbon Cycle Group: CO, CO2, CH4, SF6, N2O, H2
  2. GMD HATS Group:
  3. CFCs Hydrocarbons
    CFC-13 Propane
    CFC-115 n-Butane
    CFC-12 Isopentane
    CFC-114 n-Pentane
    CFC-11 Acetylene
    CFC-113 Benzene
    HFCs Other Chlorinated Haloalkanes
    HFC-23 Methyl chloride
    HFC-125 Chloroethane
    HFC-143a Dichloromethane
    HFC-134a Chloroform
    HFC-152a Carbon tetrachloride
    HFC-227ea Methyl Chloroform
    HFC-365mfc Trichloroethylene
    HCFCs Other Brominated Haloalkanes
    HCFC-22 Methyl bromide
    HCFC-142b Dibromomethane
    HCFC-141b Bromoform
    H-1301 Sulfur Compounds
    H-1211 OCS
    H-2402 Carbon disulfide

    Red means that these are newer compounds – any potential sampling or analysis artifacts have not been explored or characterized. For many of the compounds indicated in red text we do not have calibration scales (exceptions include propane, pentanes and acetylene)

  4. CU INSTAAR: 13C of CO2, 18O of CO2, 13C of CH4