Earth's Radiation Budget

In the News

NOAA research in the stratosphere is taking off

NOAA Research, 2 March 2023

A major airborne research mission of the stratosphere is underway in Alaska. Read More

Could solar geoengineering cool the planet? U.S. gets serious about finding out

Science, 14 February 2023

Campaign seeks to understand reflective particles in the stratosphere, which cooling schemes would enhance. Read More

Montreal Protocol emerges as a powerful climate treaty

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory, 11 January 2023

A new report from the United Nations confirms that the recovery of Earth's protective ozone layer is on track. Read More

DOE-NOAA Marine Cloud Brightening Workshop Report

NOAA Climate Program Office, 9 December 2022

MCB workshop assessed the state of knowledge in the field, and provides a possible research path toward reducing unknowns in key components of the underlying physical science. Read More

Eruption provides rare opportunity to study volcanic gas and ash injected into the stratosphere

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory, 20 January 2022

Scientists travel to La Réunion to intercept the plume from the Tonga volcano eruption. Read More