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NEAQS-ITCT 2004 ABDIAL Lidar data

ABDIAL Data Description

The airborne ozone DIAL (ABDIAL) was flown on a chartered DC3 aircraft and measured vertical profiles of ozone mixing ratio and aerosol backscatter. The altitude and time resolutions are 90 m and 10 s (or approximately 600m spatial resolution) for ozone data and 15 m and 10 s for aerosol data. Ozone and aerosol profiles extend from the surface to about 2500m ASL. The DC-3 lidar aircraft was contracted for up to 120 flight hours during the period of 1 July through 15 August 2004. The DC-3 also provided in situ measurements of ozone mixing ratio at flight level, surface skin temperature measurements from an IR radiometer, and dropsonde measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. Data are available in ICARTT format and as time-height cross section and plan view map color plots.

The ICARTT format is described in the ICARTT Data Management Working Group implementation plan.