NYICE 2018 Instruments

Measured Parameter Method Time Resolution Detection Limit Principal Investigator
N2O, CO, H2O Integrated cavity output spectroscopy 1 sec. 0.2 ppb for N2O
0.2 ppb for CO
100 ppm for H2O
Jeff Peischl / Tom Ryerson
CO2 and CH4 Wavelength scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy 1 sec 0.2 ppmv for CO2
2 ppbv for CH4
Jeff Peischl / Tom Ryerson
H3O+CIMS Chemical ionization mass spectrometer 1 sec 20–600 ppt at 3 sigma for 1sec. integration time Carsten Warneke / Matt Coggon
WAS/GC-MS Whole air samples analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry approx 5 sec sample file time varies by compound Jessica Gilman
Position and Met Data Differential GPS, Airmar Wx and Young 2-D sonic 1 sec Ken Aikin / Jeff Peischl