NYICE 2018 News & Publications

CSL News: Daily Emissions from Personal Care Products Contribute to Urban Air Pollution 16 April 2018

CSL News: Emissions of Household Products a Dominant Urban Air Pollution Source 15 February 2018

Brian McDonald Science paper on volatile chemical products.
McDonald, B.C., J.A. de Gouw, J.B. Gilman, S.H. Jathar, A. Akherati, C.D. Cappa, J.L. Jimenez, J. Lee-Taylor, P.L. Hayes, S.A. McKeen, Y.Y. Cui, S.-W. Kim, D.R. Gentner, G. Isaacman-VanWertz, A.H. Goldstein, R.A. Harley, G.J. Frost, J.M. Roberts, T.B. Ryerson, and M. Trainer, Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions, Science, doi:10.1126/science.aaq0524, 2018.

Matt Coggon paper on measurements of ambient D5 siloxane.
Coggon, M.M., B.C. McDonald, A. Vlasenko, P.R. Veres, F. Bernard, A.R. Koss, B. Yuan, J.B. Gilman, J. Peischl, K.C. Aikin, J. DuRant, C. Warneke, S.-M. Li, and J.A. de Gouw, Diurnal Variability and Emission Pattern of Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) from the Application of Personal Care Products in Two North American Cities, Environmental Science and Technology, doi:10.1021/acs.est.8b00506, 2018.

The following supporting data are associated with these journal articles:
Coggon, M.M., G.I. Gkatzelis, B.C. McDonald, J.B. Gilman, N. Abuhassan, K.C. Aikin, M. Arend, T. Berkoff, T. Campos, G. Gronoff, J. Hurley, G. Isaacman-VanWertz, A.R. Koss, M. Li, S. McKeen, F. Moshary, J. Peischl, V. Pospisilova, Y. Wu, M. Trainer, and C. Warneke, The human forest: Volatile chemical products enhance urban ozone, Nature, 2020. [supporting data]