COVID-AQS 2020 Emissions

Fuel-Based Inventory for Vehicle Emissions

The Fuel-Based Inventory for Vehicle Emissions (FIVE) provided here is described in Harkins et al. (2021). Additional information about FIVE can also be found in previous studies, which are cited in the ReadMe file.

The emission files are provided in netCDF format and cover the months of January to December of 2020 for both a business-as-usual (2020-BAU) and COVID-19 perturbed emissions case (2020-COVID). Additionally, we also provide 2018 and 2019 monthly emission files. Monthly emissions are separated by on-road and off-road sector emissions, as well as by fuel type, and each month has separate files covering weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The data for a given day of week is split into two files, each containing 12-hours of data where times are in UTC. The emissions data within the files are reported in metric tons/hr, except for with individual VOC species, which are provided in moles/hr. The horizontal spatial resolution is approximately 4 km x 4 km and projected on the standard NEI continental US model grid. Additional information is provided in the ReadMe file.

For more information or questions, contact Brian McDonald.

Harkins, C., B. C. McDonald, D. K. Henze, and C. Wiedinmyer, A fuel-based method for updating mobile source emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Environmental Research Letters, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/ac0660, 2021.