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Poster: Chelsea Thompson, NOAA

Thompson, C.R., S.C. Wofsy, M.J. Prather, P.A. Newman, T.F. Hanisco, T.B. Ryerson, D.W. Fahey, E.C. Apel, C.A. Brock, W.H. Brune, K. Froyd, J.M. Katich, J.M. Nicely, J. Peischl, E. Ray, P.R. Veres, S. Wang, H.M. Allen, E. Asher, H. Bian, D. Blake, I. Bourgeois, J. Budney, T.P. Bui, A. Butler, P. Campuzano-Jost, C. Chang, M. Chin, R. Commane, G. Correa, J.D. Crounse, B. Daube, J.E. Dibb, J.P. DiGangi, G.S. Diskin, M. Dollner, J.W. Elkins, A.M. Fiore, C.M. Flynn, H. Guo, S.R. Hall, R.A. Hannun, A. Hills, E.J. Hintsa, A. Hodzic, R.S. Hornbrook, L.G. Huey, J.L. Jimenez, R.F. Keeling, M.J. Kim, A. Kupc, F. Lacey, L.R. Lait, J.-F. Lamarque, J. Liu, K. McKain, S. Meinardi, D.O. Miller, S.A. Montzka, F.L. Moore, E.J. Morgan, D.M. Murphy, L.T. Murray, B.A. Nault, J.A. Neuman, L. Nguyen, Y.G. Ramos, A. Rollins, K. Rosenlof, M. Sargent, G. Schill, J.P. Schwarz, J.M.S. Clair, S.D. Steenrod, B.B. Stephens, S.E. Strahan, S.A. Strode, C. Sweeney, A.B. Thames, K. Ullmann, N. Wagner, R. Weber, B. Weinzierl, P.O. Wennberg, C.J. Williamson, G.M. Wolfe, and L. Zeng, The NASA Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) mission imaging the chemistry of the global atmosphere, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-20-0315.1, 2021.


Test flights for deployment 3

Around the world during deployments 1 & 2

CSD instrument measuring nitrogen oxides (NOy) and ozone (O3)

team photo
The ATom team that was onboard and onsite when the NASA DC-8 returned to the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) on 21 May 2018, completing the fourth and final deployment. Photo: NASA [More from the NASA ESPO ATom Image Gallery]


CSD's Joe Katich captures the NASA DC-8 missed approach at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport on 26 September 2017 during ATom-3 test flight #2.
NASA Goddard YouTube Channel: ATom Mission interview clips - Tom Ryerson, NOAA. A flat line of data from the NOAA ESRL CSD NOyO3 instrument may not look interesting, but Tom Ryerson during NASA Earth Expeditions: ATom explains how it could reveal how tropospheric ozone is removed from the atmosphere. The ATom mission aboard NASA's DC-8 flying laboratory is sampling worldwide in one of the most extensive surveys of the atmosphere to date, measuring over 200 gases as well as airborne particles. The science team is particularly interested in methane, tropospheric ozone and black carbon particles, which have strong effects on climate and which all have both human and natural origins.