ATom Participation


Instruments from CSD aboard the NASA DC-8 research aircraft for ATom.

AbbreviationDescriptionMeasurementInstrument Team
AMPAerosol Microphysical Properties - Spectrometer (in situ)dry aerosol particle size distribution, cloud droplet size distribution, dust size distribution, precipitation size, cloud liquid water contentChuck Brock, Aga Kupc, Christina Williamson
NOyO3Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone - ChemiluminescenceNO, NO2, NOy, O3Tom Ryerson, Chelsea Thompson, Jeff Peischl
PALMSParticle Analysis By Laser Mass Spectrometry (in situ)particle composition, aerosolKarl Froyd, Dan Murphy
SP2Single Particle Soot Photometerblack carbon, scattering aerosolsJoshua (Shuka) Schwarz, Joe Katich, Laurel Watts, Ru-Shan Gao
I- ToF CIMSIodide Ion Time-of-Flight Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometerhalogens and nitrogen compoundsJ. Andy Neuman, Patrick Veres

Forecasts & Models

Forecasters and modelers from CSD providing support for ATom.

Amy Butler, Sean Davis, Eric Ray, Karen Rosenlof