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CSL News: Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) Completes Fourth and Final Deployment 22 May 2018 Organic aerosols in remote areas have shorter lives than scientists assumed 22 December 2017

NOAA News: NOAA, NASA team up again to investigate the atmosphere over Antarctica 17 October 2017

NASA News: Global Airborne Mission to Make Ozone Hole Detour 29 September 2017

The Denver Post: A CAT scan for the Earth: CU, NOAA scientists are looping around the globe in a NASA airliner to measure greenhouse pollutants 28 September 2017

NPR News: Scientists Use Flying Laboratory To Track Greenhouse Gases 20 February 2017

Alaska Dispatch News: NASA research flight around the world pauses in Anchorage 1 February 2017

CSL News: ATom selected for funding under the NASA EVS-2 program 25 November 2014

Blog led by Christina Williamson, NOAA / CIRES: Christina Williamson, an atmospheric scientist specialising in understanding aerosols and clouds

NASA ATom in the field blog led by Chelsea Thompson, NOAA / CIRES: Around the World in 26 Days during ATom-1 Summer

DC-8 fuselage Chelsea NOyO3
NASA DC-8 fuselage; CSD's NOyO3 instrument inlet in foreground (left) and Chelsea Thompson with the NOyO3 instrument (right) during a stop in Anchorage, Alaska on the ATom-2 mission in Winter, studying greenhouse gases and other atmospheric gases and airborne particles over the oceans from the North Pole to New Zealand, across the Pacific to the tip of South America, and north to the Arctic. Photos: Bill Roth, Alaska Dispatch News (ADN)