Patrick Veres

Research Chemist, separated

Tropospheric Chemistry



Dr. Veres came to NOAA in 2006 as a graduate researcher working with Dr. Joost de Gouw where he earned his Ph. D. in atmospheric/analytical chemistry at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After receiving his Ph. D. in 2011, he took a post-doctoral research position with Dr. Jonathan Williams at the Max Plank Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany. Dr. Veres returned to NOAA as a Research Scientist with CIRES at the University of Colorado from 2013 - 2018, and has served as a federal Research Chemist since then. His main research interest at NOAA has been the on the development and application of chemical ionization mass spectrometry for airborne sampling of trace gases. His current research is focused on marine sulfur oxidation; in particular elucidation of a more accurate representation of dimethyl sulfide oxidation in low NOx environments.


Ph.D., University of Colorado, 2011
B.S., The Ohio State University, 2005


  • Marine sulfur oxidation
  • Heterogeneous nitrogen oxide chemistry
  • Reactive halogen species in the UTLS
  • Development of field deployable chemical ionization mass spectrometry techniques
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