WP-3D Data ID Table

Parameter Data ID Data Columns PI(s) Notes
Aircraft Meteorological Conditions AircraftMet AOCTimewave, AmbTemp, DewPtTemp, DewPtTempTDL, H2Omr, PotTemp, RelHumidity, SEALiqH2O, SeaSfcTemp, StaticPrs, VertWindSpd, WindDir, WindSpd Ken Aikin
Aircraft Miscellaneous AircraftMis AOCTimewave, Attack, CabinPrs, GndSpd, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Slip, SolarZenith, SunAzAc, SunAzGnd, SunElevAc, TrueAirSpd Ken Aikin
Aircraft Position AircraftPos AOCTimewave, GpsLat, GpsLon, GpsAlt, PAlt, RAlt Ken Aikin
Liquid Water Content LWC AOCTimewave, LWC ?? LWC measured from AOC SEA instrument
ACES C2H2O2 AOCTimewave, C2H2O2_ppbv Kyung-Eun Min, Bill Dube
CARDS Nitrogen species AOCTimewave, NO3_pptv, N2O5_pptv, NO2_pptv, O3_ppbv Steve Brown/Pete Edwards
Carbon Monoxide CO AOCTimewave, CO_ppbv John Holloway
Carbon Dioxide and Methane CO2CH4 AOCTimewave, CO2_ppmv, CH4_ppmv Jeff Peischl
Formaldehyde HCHO AOCTimewave, HCHO_ppbv Tom Hanisco, Frank Keutsch
Nitric Acid, Formic Acid, Nitrous Acid, and Nitryl Chloride HNO3HCOOH AOCTimewave, ClNO2_HNO3CIMS_ppbv, HCOOH_ppbv, HNO3_ppbv, HONO_ppbv Andy Neuman
Ammonia NH3 AOCTimewave, NH3_ppbv John Nowak
NO NO AOCTimewave, NO_ppbv Tom Ryerson
NO2 NO2 AOCTimewave, NO2_ppbv Tom Ryerson
NOy NOy AOCTimewave, NOy_ppbv Tom Ryerson
Ozone O3 AOCTimewave, O3_ppbv Tom Ryerson
PANs PANs AOCTimewave, PAN_ppbv, PPN_ppbv Jim Roberts
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 AOCTimewave, SO2_ppbv John Holloway
Acid CIMS UWToF AOCTimewave, C1H2O2I1, C2H4O2I1, C3H6O2I1, C3H4O4I1, C4H6O4I1, C5H8O4I1, C6H10O4I1, C2H4O3I1, C10H16O3I1, C4H6O2I1, C3H4O3I, C9H14O4I1, H1O3N1I1 Joel Thornton
Volatile organic compounds by iWAS2 VOCsiWAS2 iWASTimeStart, many VOCs Jessica Gilman, Brian Lerner
Volatile organic compounds by proton transfer mass spectrometry VOCsPTRMS AOCTimewave, acetaldehyde, acetone, acetonitrile, benzene, C8_aromatics, C9_aromatics, isoprene, MEK, methanol, monoterpenes, MVK_MACR, toluene Martin Graus Data are reported as measured at the same time; actual times vary slightly. Contact Martin for details.
Aerosol Bulk Non-Refractory Composition AMS AMS_Stop_Time, AMS_Org, AMS_SO4, AMS_NH4, AMS_NO3 Ann Middlebrook
Aerosol Coarse Mode: Number, Surface, Volume (NOAA Aerosol) AeroCoarse 30 sec. TimeStart/TimeStop, ncoarse, scoarse, vcoarse Chuck Brock
Aerosol Fine Mode: Number, Surface, Volume (NOAA Aerosol) AeroFine AOCTimewave, nfine, sfine, vfine Chuck Brock
Cloud Condensation Nuclei CCN AOCTimewave, Number_Concentration_STP, Number_Concentration, Supersaturation Thanos Nenes
Flag for presence of clouds/precip ClearAirKey AOCTimewave, Clear_air_key Chuck Brock flag=1 in clear air; flag = 0 in cloud or preciptiation.
Aerosol Cavity Ringdown Extinction Spectrometer CRDExt AOCTimewave, ext_dry_405nm, ext_dry_532nm, ext_dry_662nm Nick Wagner
Photoacoustic Absorption Spectrometer PAS AOCTimewave, PAS_532_dry Dan Lack
Particle Soot Absorption Photometer PSAP AOCTimewave, PSAP_red_sr, PSAP_green_sr, PSAP_blue_sr Dan Lack
Aerosol Single Particle Soot Photometer SP2 AOCTimewave, BC_ng_m3 Joshua Schwarz, Anne Perring, Rushan Gao
Radiometer jNO2 AOCTimewave, jNO2 Gerd Hubler
Radiometer jO3 AOCTimewave, jO3 Gerd Hubler