The full quality-assured dataset acquired from all aspects of the SABRE mission will be freely available to the public including to the international community. To ensure a timely availability of the final data, a deadline of a year from the end of data collection has been set for SABRE scientists to complete their quality checks, provide their data, and publish the full dataset to an open website.

SABRE data will be used by researchers around the globe. The scientists that collected the data will have an intimate understanding of the collection techniques, uncertainties, limitations, and value. A principle investigator is responsible for each data set, and you are expected to adhere to the data policy and contact the principle investigator before using the data.

Data Sets

Data Policy

Preliminary Data

Whenever possible, preliminary data will be submitted to the field archive within 24 hours after each flight. The ICARTT Data Format will be used.

Final Data

Final data will be archived to a permanent repository within 12 months after the end of each deployment. The final data will be open to the public 12 months after the end of each deployment.

Data Use

Whenever data from a SABRE instrument is used in a publication, the authors are expected to offer co-authorship to the instrument principle investigator and/or other members of the instrument team, as appropriate. Data users will be strongly encouraged to discuss their analysis with the instrument teams.