SABRE Platform: NASA WB-57

WB-57 range map
The NASA WB-57 operational range is ~ 1000 nmi (17°) radius, based at Elington Field, Houston, TX for integration and test flights.

SABRE is an extended airborne science measurement program to study the transport, chemistry, microphysics and radiative properties of aerosols in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS). The project will utilize the NASA WB-57 high-altitude research aircraft with a payload of sampling instruments. The SABRE deployments are designed to provide extensive detailed measurements of aerosol size distributions, composition and radiative properties along with relevant trace gas species in different regions and seasons. These observations are critical for improving the ability of global models to accurately simulate the radiative, dynamical and chemical impacts of changes to stratospheric aerosol loading.

NASA WB-57 high altitude research aircraft

NASA operates two WB-57 aircraft in the Airborne Science Program under the NASA Science Mission Directorate. The NASA WB-57 high-altitude research aircraft used for this study is based at the NASA Johnson Space Research Center (JSC) facility at Ellington Field in Houston, TX.

NASA WB-57 Instrument Payload