Step inside the lab that's trying to decode the Earth's atmosphere

Scripps News, 17 April 2023

NOAA is trying to learn more about the makeup of our stratosphere, one flight and one unique tool at a time. Read More

U.S. Deploys Modified B-57 to Study Chemicals That Could Cool the Planet

Yahoo News, 10 March 2023

U.S. scientists have deployed a modified Korean War-era bomber to measure trace gases in the stratosphere that reflect sunlight. The goal of the project: to better understand how humans might use such gases to cool an overheated planet. Read More

Old bomber will sniff the sky for geoengineering aerosols

E&E News ClimateWire, 7 March 2023

U.S. scientists launch a multiyear study of the stratosphere to help world leaders better understand whether it's possible to use solar geoengineering to counter global warming. Read More

Appel à plus de science sur la géo-ingénierie solaire [Call for more science on solar geoengineering]

Radio-Canada, 3 March 2023

Étudier le comportement des particules dans la stratosphère [Studying the behavior of particles in the stratosphere] Read More

NOAA research in the stratosphere is taking off

NOAA CSL News, 2 March 2023

A major airborne research mission of the stratosphere is underway in Alaska. Read More

Geoengineering research flights are a good federal investment

The Washington Post, 22 February 2023

Can geoengineering slow climate change? We need research to find out. Read More

Could solar geoengineering cool the planet? U.S. gets serious about finding out

Science, 14 February 2023

Campaign seeks to understand reflective particles in the stratosphere, which cooling schemes would enhance. Read More