Emissions Data

The emission files listed here were used to model NOx (as NO2-equivalent) and CO emissions in the manuscript titled Modeling Ozone in the Eastern U.S. using a Fuel-Based Mobile Source Emissions Inventory published in Environmental Science & Technology, doi:10.1021/acs.est.8b00778, 2018. The emission files are provided as ArcGIS shapefiles, and include total emissions of NOx and CO for the interpolated National Emissions Inventory (NEI) 2013 base case, and the revised mobile source inventory estimated using a fuel-based approach (FIVE) perturbation case. Emission files report totals across all sources (anthropogenic + biogenic) in units of metric tons/d, and by weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, and daily average. The horizontal spatial resolution is 12 km x 12 km and projected on the standard NEI continental US model grid.

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