Weather Forecasts

Daily Weather Summary

June 18, 1999:

High pressure remains in control today. Dry and mild air in place at surface. High: 80 With LCL very high due to dry air, little if any Cu clouds expected either. Mixing height: 2000 m. Surface winds veering with time from Ely to NEly, at 5-10 kt. Low Tonight: 58, with fair weather continuing.

Tomorrow's Forecast

June 19, 1999:

High pressure begins to move off the New England coast, as a 500 mb shortwave trough approaches TN from the west. In response, winds at surface veer around out of the South, at speeds of 5-10 kts. Also, moisture increases ahead of shortwave, so some increase in cloud cover is expected for Saturday. Lift will be weak, so only a small chance of a shower Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. High: 82 Low: 62

Day after Tomorrow Forecast

June 20, 1999:

Another in series of 500 mb shortwaves approaches on Sunday, so partly cloudy skies and a chance for mainly afternoon and evening showers will be in the forecast again for Sunday. High: 83 Low: 64


June 21 - 24, 1999:

Clouds should become more scattered again by Monday and Tuesday, as 500 mb shortwaves move away. However, more typical summertime southerly flow sets up next week, bringing hotter and more humid weather and widely scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Highs: near 90. Lows: 65 to 70.

Profiler Plume Depiction

The following shows a depiction of plume locations as predicted by the profiler winds assimilated into a one-dimensional boundary layer model. The top image shows particle positions as of 8:00 PM CDT for particle releases beginning at 12:00 Noon. The lower image shows particle positions at 7:00 AM CDT for particles released beginning the previous noon.

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